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Friend or Foe? Need or Addiction?

The match struck, lit the paper wrapped tobacco, the butt touches the lips, the lungs inhale the smoke, and the best part is what comes out, a fine line of smoke exhaled, eventually vanishing in the air, and now after the first puff you feel things slowing down, senses going alert, mind swirling, heartbeat rising, foot steps stumbling, hands shaking,eye lids closing, fingers tightening. The head rises, the hand brushes the hairs till the end, going around the neck goes down again, and the cigarette rises again to the mouth. Line by line you see the fire coming towards you, and you keep thinking where was this ecstasy before now, why my parents always opposed the concept of smoking, why there are so many ads telling people to stop, this is just an innocent little white paper with brown butt. This was your first time, and you ask for next and one more. Slowly with the time, it becomes your best mate, in tension your lips talk to it,when angry your wrist tightens around it, in long night wake-ups just for keeping your eyes from closing you lit following. Eventually it becomes the sixth finger you never had, but on fire, you don’t care about anything now, you have someone with you all the time.The brain stimulator, the night crawler, the friend, the time killer, the desire,the addiction, the cigarette.
After all the time you spent with it, after all that you have thrown away for it, it finally stabs in the back, a harsh truth, you are now slave of its mercy, you cant stop thinking about it and it cant stop killing you. Your stamina goes down, heads starts blocking, shit stops dropping, chest keeps blocking, pinching at heart grows, hands tremble, eyes remain half closed, and just when you were to quit it, you go for one more, the last one as always. After making some efforts to quit, you finally give up,thinking what’s the point of quitting now, it never gave up on me, and the death, its inevitable so why not embrace with someone besides me. And you take one last smoke.


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